Monday, 20 December 2010


The paradigm is fine while it lasts, but what happens when it breaks down? Do you then do as per what you learnt in the paradigm, or do you change? But how exactly do you change - the paradigm has defined yourself, including your knowledge to change. What about the time when external reality has no internal reference? Is it still reality then? what if there's no going back to the old paradigm - will you still survive, in hiding or otherwise, or will you rise and morph, change, transform, transcend yourself, in an attempt to survive... or will you transform the external force, thereby acting as the driving force in the paradigm shift that you were so afraid to be exposed to. Is this exposition called adaptation or evolution.... or is it shaking hands with the devil? For the latter at least, you must have known what you call the devil to now reconcile with it. Most of us do, but then most of us are far far off the mark with reality. Yes, the same reality that varies from me to you, but which still we feel compelled to bind under one name (and hence existence, form and structure). Of course, we all have a flawed perception of reality (as with time, space, love, life and everything else), but who's to tell otherwise? The insulation is seamless, the paradigm is robust, almost flawless..... most of the time. But when it does break down, and it will, whatever I've written won't matter anyway. Go figure.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

One of these days

Long silky hair.... albino white.... ripped abs.... flexed biceps.... untrembling hands.... that look of raw intensity in the eyes.... axe in hand.... blood on face, hands, clothes.... the blinding lights.... the deafening silence.... the careless beauty in the inanimate eyes.... the face of horror and satisfaction.... the mirth of breaking even.... long, long silence...........................


The inaudible scream of the butterfly.

please wake me up, mother.......... please put me to sleep