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Moving on

After a decade of Cranberry Sauce and Blogger, it's finally time to move to a different platform. Find my personal blog at
Thanks a lot for reading. Thank you Google!

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Move Your Body

2016-11-15 10:26 PM
It takes a lot for me to feel happy, fine, alright. Today it took an admittance of suicidal intention, a lot of drama with mom, a long walk from Hiranandani to Splendor, 2 Prestiqs, One escitalopram, a strong coffee, several cigarettes and mindful meditation for me to feel fine again. And realise that I'm acting like an idiot, uncontrolled, wild, unhuman, and honestlyin an unacceptable way. And also to realise there are many things that I can and want to do, and that doing those things will make life not only better, but perhaps even enjoyable.

I must try to make the most of these times when I feel well, and make committments and roadmaps, as well as guidelines for when I'm not feeling well. Yes I'm seriously depressed, and suicidal. There is no hiding away from this reality. Yes, in general I am disillusioned by society and desire something extraordinary, superhuman. But a part of this desire also stems from my personal issues - insecurity, fear of fa…

Mindful Narcissism

I am Strong, powerful, confident, untouchable, invincible..

I punch my fist in the air of jubilation, victory, glory..

I am unbeatable. I am the best..

The fabric of the universe flows by me, easily..

I am supreme. The ultimate. The best EVER.

I have no enemies, I am too strong for them..

I am full of myself and I know it. But there isn't a thing anyone can do about it..

There will never be another man as talented, as skillful, as resourceful as I am..

I am in awe of my own capability.. And deliverance..

I am better than anyone can ever be..

I am the best there ever will be..

I smash records for fun..

There's just no stopping me.

I will be an example to everyone that ever tries..

I do what I want, when I want..

I cannot possibly do anything wrong..

Tomorrow I will try again.

Try Again

How many lessons must a man learn, before he can finally begin to live?
How could he have ever learnt enough?

How many mistakes must a man make before the lessons are embedded in his head?
How many scars can he possibly erase?

How many risks can a man avoid, before he makes the leap of faith?
Can there ever be a thing like too much caution?

How much certainty will guarantee that this next step will not be a mistake?
How can he be sure anyway?

How likely may a man predict the outcome of an arbitrarily probabilistic event to be favourable?
Whyever might he believe it could ever be in his favour?

How does man add up his karma points to know what he really deserves?
Can he be sure of karma at all?

How much can a man rely on his gut feeling if it promises to fulfil his dreams?
Why might he ever trust something that cant be defined?

How much suffering must a man go through before he can taste redemption?
Will his suffering ever end?

How many times must a man lose before he can emerge victo…